Mycept S 360mg: A Lifesaver after Transplants


Many are getting organ transplants which is a life-saving treatment by getting a second life to live by battling organ failure. But a successful transplant organ journey does not end here. After getting transplanted a problem may occur in the rejection of the transplanted organ. Here patient’s body’s immune system may attack the transplanted organ and damage it.  To not get rejected Mycept s 360mg Tablet is used which is a powerful medicine that prevents transplanted organs from getting rejected. in this blog, we will discuss about organ transplantation and medicine that is used to prevent organs from getting rejected. Let’s start discussing.

Under Organ Transplant

When any organ fails to work in the body and needs to be changed it with a healthy one is called an organ transplanted. In this, there is a receiver who receives an organ and a doner who donates his healthy organ to a needy one. Now in your mind, a question arises what might be the reason for organ rejection? The answer is, that the patient’s immune system sees transplanted organs as foreign invaders and tries to attack it. Attacking on transplanted organs leads to organ rejection or organ failure. To prevent attacks on the organ doctors prescribe mycept tablet which lowers the immune system.

About Mycept S Tablet

To prevent organ rejection which is transplanted from a healthy person to a failed organ person Mycept S 360mg Tablet (Mycophenolate Sodium) is used. Sometimes other medicine is used to prevent transplanted kidneys. This medicine works by weakening the immune system to prevent from organ failure or rejection. Although, this medicine comes in tablet or capsule form that is taken by mouth. Usually taken twice a day on an empty stomach or as your doctor prescribes. During treatment always try to take as your doctor prescribes do not miss or take more than the doctor prescribes.

Wherever you take this medicine, swallow it whole, do not break, chew, or cut. If it accidentally opens and comes in contact with your eye or inhale its dust, then consult your doctor. If it comes into contact with your skin then wash it with soap and rinse with water.

For some people, this medicine may give some side effects which might be constipation, nausea, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, headache, gas problem, etc. These are not serious but get worse, tell your doctor. In addition, some are serious which all are mentioned on Magicine Pharma. To buy or learn more about cancer medicine visit that site.

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