Bawat A/S

Ballast water management and treatment

Bawat is an engineering company located in Denmark. In their case ballast water treatment methods.
The ballast water management system solution is one of a kind.
It does not pollute the environment, because there is no chemicals in the formula.
Bawats ballast water treatment system pasteurize the ballast water so that it does not harm
the ecological balances of the oceans. To prevent different animals, plants and bacterias from being
 discharged in the wrong areas it is very important to pasteurize the water before discharging it.
When implementing Bawats ballast water management plan you make sure that all bacterias are killed.
The system is not approved by the USCG, but will be in 2019. You can get more information about Bawat on
their homepage or get in touch with Bawat by sending them an e-mail to the address
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