Oxaliplatin (Oxitan): Fighting Colorectal Cancer


As the population is increasing the number of diseases is also increasing with it. Some diseases are serious and some are not. Among the diseases, cancer is the deadliest disease which in some cases leads to death. The exact reason for developing cancer is still unknown but some risk factors have been found that will increase the chance of developing it. Here in this blog, we will discuss about some tips that make your healthy, a brief introduction to the rectum and colon cancer, and the Oxitan 50mg Injection used in treatment. Let’s get started.

Helpful tips for health

Everyone knows health is wealth, so it is necessary to keep your body fit and healthy. Blow some tips are mention, if you follow then definitely your body health will improve.

Don’t smoke

In many advertisements, you might have seen smoking kill and it is 100% true. In cigarettes, many chemicals are present that enough to give you many diseases and make your life like hell. In cigarettes more than 7000 chemicals are present. Some chemicals help to mutate healthy cells which we all know as cancer cells and boost their growth. It is important to quit smoking for better health.

Eat healthy

Adding healthy foods to the diet will deliver a lot of nutrients which help to repair unhealthy or damaged cells. During meal time plate should be filled with colorful foods that provide a lot of nutrients to make your body healthy and strong from the inside.

Do Exercise

Doing exercise will boost blood flow overall body and burn extra fat that is stored in the belly and thigh region. In a week at least doing 5 days of exercise for 45 minutes is enough to keep the body fit and healthy. Running is the best exercise for overall health to keep fit and metabolism fast.

Brief about Colon and Rectum cancer

The rapid growth of mutated cells which is known as cancer cells on the colon and rectum cells is called colon and rectum cancer. At the beginning stage, it is very difficult to detect which as a result spreads to the other body organs or nearby tissues. There are some symptoms that may be visible showing the cancer cells have developed in the colon and rectum area. Symptoms are blood in stool, abdominal pain, bloated stomach, sudden weight loss, vomiting, fatigue, and short breath. The exact reason for developing this cancer is not known but some risk factors are known that increase the chance of developing it. Risk factors are smoking, poor diet, obesity, no physical activity, etc. Oxaliplatin which is the generic name of oxitan 50mg injection is used in the treatment. It has several side effects that may be visible in all patients.

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